Earthcare Cares

about making it right

Earthcare is made by ABC Tissue, a family-owned Australasian business.

The paper itself is recycled at our Queensland recycling plant, and the resulting paper is converted to toilet tissue, facial tissues, kitchen towels and table napkins in Auckland.

Earthcare is made only from post-consumer waste paper. No plantation forest pulp is used to make Earthcare.

In the process, the paper is de-inked using only natural, water based de-inking processes. No chlorine is used, meaning once any impurities have been removed the water can be re-used.

Recycled paper begins life as pulp, much like regular paper. It is then pressed, dried and rolled until it becomes a very large roll of paper, after which it is cut and converted into smaller rolls from which the various Earthcare products can be made.


  1. Post-consumer waste paper is collected in recycling bins located in commercial environments.
  2. Paper is purchased by Earthcare, and taken to our recycling plant in Queensland.
  3. Waste paper is stored ready for processing.
  4. Paper is washed, de-inked and all impurities are removed before being dried and put onto large rolls. No chlorine is used in the process.
  5. Large rolls are converted to smaller rolls suitable for commercial applications.
  6. Boxed Earthcare bathroom tissue is purchased by distributors.
  7. Product reaches final destination.

What is post-consumer waste paper?

Paper that is no longer required – e.g. outdated forms, stationery, printers off-cuts, etc – as well as ordinary office paper that has been used and thrown in the bin.