Earthcare Cares

As makers of a natural product, we are very aware of the wider environmental issues that face the planet today.

That is why we go beyond asking to the world to recycle and to buy recycled products.

We believe in a world where everyone tries to conserve resources, use less energy and reduce our carbon footprint. For us recycling is part of this greater story – a more sustainable world, where everyone is better off.

What difference does it make, using recycled paper?

Every year Earthcare helps save 550,000 trees from the chainsaw.

But there is far more to the story than saving trees. Earthcare is made from post-consumer waste. This means paper that would otherwise go into landfills.

Every year, we save 42,000 tonnes of waste paper being trucked to the dump, where each tonne would take a cubic metre of space and give off the equivalent of four tonnes of greenhouse gases.

The water used in making Earthcare is able to be recycled. The solid waste is used as soil conditioner, meaning there is almost nothing wasted when making Earthcare.

Recycled tissue breaks down more quickly than other paper products, helping soils maintain their bio-activity and health.

All this adds up to a product that works for the planet in every sense. We call it caring.

​Earthcare cares about giving back

ABC Tissue, makers of Earthcare, has a number of community programmes in place.

One of the most important is ABC’s longstanding support of the Great Barrier Research Foundation. By purchasing one of our eco-friendly tissue products you will help the Foundation with their work.

We also contribute to several important health programmes in China.